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Electrical Guide for the Tourist in Israel

Most of today's world travelers are no longer content traveling with just the bare necessities anymore, but prefer traveling with a wider range of appliances for their convenience.

When visiting Israel, there are a few electrical details worth taking into consideration so that your visit will be more comfortable.


Type of Power.

Like most countries in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, the electricity in Israel is rated at 220V (220V - 240V) 50Hz. Therefore, most visitors coming from these areas should not encounter any problems using their travel appliances, with the possible exception of needing an adapter plug so that their appliance can fit into an Israeli type outlet.

plug converter
Sample Plug Converters

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Israeli Outlet
A sample of an Israeli outlet and plug.

Israeli Plug

Outlets and Plugs

Israel uses what is called a "H" type plug. This plug, which is unique to Israel, has two flat prongs that form a V-shape and a flat vertical grounding prong at the bottom. They are rated at 16A. Type H outlets (sockets) are so shaped as to accommodate type C plugs as well.

Using 110V 60Hz Appliances in Israel

Visitors coming from North America, Mexico, Jamaica, Cuba, and other countries using 110V appliances, will most probably have to prepare a few things before they will be able to use their appliances in Israel. But first there is one thing that needs to be mentioned. Israel's electricity runs at 50Hz (hertz), while 110V countries usually run at 60Hz. This can cause problems with some appliances (for more information see: ). 110V appliances that need to run at a specific speed (e.g. analog clocks), will not work properly in Israel even with a transformer. If the appliance uses DC electricity, and operates off a AC->DC power pack (power block), then you should not have any problems with the hertz, provided that the power pack is rated for 220V use (DO NOT plug your 110V power pack directly into the Israeli outlets).

Many appliances can work with both 110V and 220V. Sometimes the appliance is made to automatically adjust itself for the various voltages, while others will have a dual-voltage switch located somewhere on the appliance. It is VERY important that the proper voltage be set before operating. Even if you have a dual voltage device, you will never-the-less need an adapter plug, so that you can plug the device into the Israeli outlet. Remember that adapter plugs do not change the voltage of electricity in any way, but just adapt the shape of the plug to a different type of outlet.

Most larger hotels have 110V outlets for shavers, but these outlets cannot be used for hair dryers or other larger appliances.

Transformers, power packs, and converters can be purchased in Israel for most small appliances (for more about transformers and converters see: ),
although it may be more cost efficient to buy a dual-voltage appliance from the start.

Any further questions or comments may be addressed to Megavolt, and we will try our best to help.


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